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Having  firstly trained as a mental health nurse and counsellor, I have taught  mental health nursing for nearly two decades at the University of  Nottingham where I now hold an Honorary position.

I have developed and researched approaches in Arts and Health for about 20 years. My other main area of research and practice has been the role of the public in the education of mental health professionals.

I have an h-index of 31

My RG Score can be found here

I have supervised 11 PhD students, brought 4 to completion, currently supervise 3  and externally examined 10. 

Having taken early retirement, I continue to work as an independent academic consultant, examine PhDs and volunteer as a befriender to people seeking asylum and refugees.



  • Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Mental Health
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Royal Society for Public Health


Major Achievements

  • 2004 - £265,000 to set up community-based arts programmes in  Nottingham City in collaboration with City Arts (funded by New Deal for  Communities). The Arts on Prescription programme flourished until  2014.    
  • 2004 - £35,000 to develop an action research project to facilitate  a user-led programme of teaching for mental health nursing students  (The University of Nottingham)
  • 2005-2009  - £100,000 for Arts development in Nottinghamshire  Healthcare NHS Trust, this was in collaboration with the Trust's Arts  Coordinator, Penny Coulson
  • 2005- £53,235  - Service User Student Assessment action research project. (Burdett Trust for Nursing)   
  • 2007-2009  - £19,000 -  Open to All. The development of mental  health awareness training for museums and galleries. National Social  Inclusion Programme, in partnership with Museum Libraries and Archives  Council, Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Wallace  Collection and subsequent "Training for Trainers", for museums and  galleries. National Social Inclusion Programme
  • 2006-2012 - £74,000 Various funders for local Arts and Health evaluations and small research projects
  • 2012 - £15,000 Arts, Health & Wellbeing Seminar Series (Economic and Social Research Council)
  • 2013 - €365,481 e-Menthe A collaboration between five  European countries to develop Master´s level eLearning materials in  mental health. (ERASMUS, Life-long Learning).
  • 2017 - €250,000. - Arts & Social Change.  A collaboration between four European countries to develop training for healthcare workers  (ERASMUS, Life-long Learning).

Current Projects

Nottingham People's Choir


In 2013, I set up the Nottingham People's Choir,  with the support of the Institute of Mental Health. The choir (which is  going from strength to strength) meets most Thursdays at 1.00pm in the  Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham City Centre. Do contact me if you would  like any further information. One highlight for the choir in 2015 was  singing with the Jocelyn Pook Ensemble in the Anxiety Fanfare. Follow  this link to see the entire performance at King's Place in London. ​ In 2019 we  collaborated  collaborating with the Royal Shakespeare Company on our own production of Romeo and Juliet!  Read more about the Choir and  see a very short video documentary about this project here.


Also find us on Facebook


recent Publications


Limited to the last 4 years




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In total, I have around 150 publications, spanning the last twenty years